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2019 HTCNE Scholarship Recipients

We are so pleased that HTCNE’s Scholarship Recipients were featured in the

Waterbury Republican.  

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News from the Staff and Board of Healing the Children Northeast:

We were both saddened and heartbroken to hear the news that our little Daniela passed away late last Thursday night.  You may remember that Daniela was a sweet 12 year old girl who was brought to the United States as part of our International Inbound Program.

Ysabella Hincapie-Gara, one of our medical team personnel, visited Daniela at the National Institure of Health in Maryland often.  Here is a note that Ysabella sent to us. We are sharing it with all of our HTCNE friends because it tells the story of this sweet little girl.

“Daniela’s spirit and zest for life touched everyone she met. 

She loved the sand and ocean of her beloved city of Santa Marta, Colombia, flew to the USA to be treated at NIH, experienced and played in snow, danced her heart off to the rhythm of Shakira, learned  English enough to communicate and understand people who took care and fell in love with her. She picked flowers for us and participated in her brother’s birthday festivities by playing a happy birthday tune in her colorful roll-up piano.

Daniela continues to teach all of us how love has different eyes to see beyond the mundane and to appreciate every little thing in this planet as she always did. 

Daniela seldom complained about her suffering with an understanding beyond her 13 years. She was fearless and took all the medical probing with the hope it was to assist in obtaining quality of life. 

Our hearts are broken by her departure,  but she will continue to enrich our lives by what she has taught us.  

Hope and love are wonderful things to carry in our hearts; they  are eternal and have no boundaries.”

Our volunteers who go on our Medical Trips are very special people,
and we are so grateful for them.  

Tom, a nurse who has participated in several trips, shares a couple of memories:

“Little boy waking up from anesthesia after a cleft lip repair. He was very fussy and just wanted to be held. So I held him and he calmed down quickly. He loved to snuggle, as did I. This is what nursing is.”

 “This was a 10 year old girl waking up from anesthesia and near terrified. I oriented her to time/place (am bilingual) and then asked her what I could do to help her. She asked me to hold her hand. This was the greatest thing in nursing I’ve ever done. I still cry when I look at this.”

Some of our Board members were part of the Mekelle Ethiopia medical team and had the privilege to meet up with Benyam Gebregziabher of Addis Ababa, who 26 years ago at the age of 6 came to the United States through our International Inbound Program. He was in the foster care of Larry and Shirley Storti.  How great that he met up with our team in Ethiopia:
Photo: Lindsay Naylor, Beth Beals, Kathy McGovern, Benyam,  Helen Buhler and Debbie Fritz.

                                                                                Click to view images from our recent trip to Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Healing the Children Northeast, Inc.

Is 501(c)(3), non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization. Our purpose is to help children throughout the world receive medical care unavailable to them due to a lack of medical and financial resources or health insurance. 93% of all monetary donations go directly to these services. For every $1.00 we receive, we are able to provide $27.00 worth of

 To date, 55,792 patients have been helped through our three programs. Our Medical Teams Abroad Program alone has helped 53,325 children since 1985. As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to providing donated medical care to children in need around the corner and around the world.

Healing The Children Northeast, located in New Milford, Connecticut, is committed to arranging free surgical, dental and medical treatment for children in need. Children are provided services through three programs:

International Inbound Program

Domestic Kids Program

Upcoming Trips

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Sept 7- Sept 15 2019
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