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NEW UPDATES: Dr. Jacono’s Team in Santa Marta, Colombia

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Sept. 13: Dora Haydee Castillo is with Jose M. Hernandez and 2 others.  Mission accomplished. Thank you Unima and HTCNE for this wonderful experience. Looking forward to come back next year and continue working with this amazing team. From Colombia with Love🇨🇴


Sept 13: From Dr. Jacono: What an unexpected day! After finishing my pro-Bono cleft lip mission to #southamerica I was traveling to lecture as keynote speaker at the @aprassa_sa South Africa Plastic Surgery Society on #deepplanefacelift on @airfrance when a young woman in her late twenties had a neurological insult suddenly. They called for a doctor and I attended to her, revived her and found she couldn’t move her arms or legs likely a tragic stroke. I was called to the cockpit to talk to the pilot about diverting the flight, which we did and grounded the plane in one of the French Islands and got her to a hospital. This delayed me by 5 hours which would make me miss my lectures. The plastic surgery society sent a helicopter for me so I would make the meeting! Check out the video of the view from the helicopter! My lectures on #facelift and #necklift stimulated conversation and went well !!! #plasticsurgerynyc #plasticsurgeonnyc#faceliftspecialist #faceliftnyc



Sept. 10: From Dora Haydee Castillo, Pacu Nurse: 17 cases done today, great team, great outcomes, many tears of happiness in Colombia🇨🇴❤️



Sept. 10: From Team Leader Dr. Jacono: Last night I performed a #plasticsurgery on a young teenage boy with #microtia. I created an ear by carving cartilage I removed from his chest! This is a delicate process that takes about 4 hours. When I took his dressings down this morning and showed him and his mother his ear, he was excited, gave me a high five and mom cried. I am so glad that I was able to make him more confidant about his appearance. I am on a pro-Bono #plasticsurgery mission in #colombiawith the @htc_ne ! #probonoplasticsurgery #givingback #grateful🙏



Sept. 7: The military met our medical team upon arriving in Santa Marta Colombia today. Tomorrow they will begin screening patients and start surgery on those selected. Our teams are all medical professionals who volunteer their services for the week.


Sept 8: From Team Leader, Dr. Jacono: What a wonderful way to start my pro-bono #plasticaurgery mission in #Colombia #southamerica with Healing The Children, Northeast seeing this beautiful little boy I performed a #cleftliprepair last year! You can see I held him in my arms the day before surgery! Mom is super happy and he is all smiles! We are in screening day today seeing children for pre-op surgery consults! I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this young families journey! He will grow up a normal kid now!! I get so much out of these missions, they motivate me in my practice everyday! #ilovemyjob#plasticsurgerynyc #plasticsurgeonnyc #grateful🙏


Sept 8: From Dr. Jacono: Wow, wow, wow, wow!!!!! While seeing more children on my pro-Bono plastic surgery mission screening day with Healing The Children, NortheastI got to follow up with this little guy I operated on over 4 years ago for a severely large vascular birth tumor called a #hemangioma . It required a complex 4 hour #plasticsurgery and flap reconstruction . I was so delighted to see his disfigurement gone! His dad is super happy. I am floating on air! Loves this kiddies! #grateful🙏 #vascularbirthmark #plasticsurgerynyc #plasticsurgeonnyc



Sept 8: From Dr. Jacono: I look forward to putting a new smile on this cute little guy’s face! He has been living with this for the first year of his life which has limited his ability to swallow and develop speech! His mom is excited for his surgery this week and so am I! I will post his #plasticsurgery before and after right after I repair it!


More photos from Santa Marta, Colombia taken by Team Member Steve Nargiso, who always serves on our Board of Directors

Our volunteers who go on our Medical Trips are very special people,
and we are so grateful for them.  

Tom, a nurse who has participated in several trips, shares a couple of memories:

“Little boy waking up from anesthesia after a cleft lip repair. He was very fussy and just wanted to be held. So I held him and he calmed down quickly. He loved to snuggle, as did I. This is what nursing is.”

 “This was a 10 year old girl waking up from anesthesia and near terrified. I oriented her to time/place (am bilingual) and then asked her what I could do to help her. She asked me to hold her hand. This was the greatest thing in nursing I’ve ever done. I still cry when I look at this.”

Healing the Children Northeast, Inc.

Is 501(c)(3), non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization. Our purpose is to help children throughout the world receive medical care unavailable to them due to a lack of medical and financial resources or health insurance. 93% of all monetary donations go directly to these services. For every $1.00 we receive, we are able to provide $27.00 worth of

 To date, 55,792 patients have been helped through our three programs. Our Medical Teams Abroad Program alone has helped 53,325 children since 1985. As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to providing donated medical care to children in need around the corner and around the world.

Healing The Children Northeast, located in New Milford, Connecticut, is committed to arranging free surgical, dental and medical treatment for children in need. Children are provided services through three programs:

International Inbound Program

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Additional Trips in 2020:
Jan – 18-26 - Mekelle, Ethiopia / Dr. Manoj Abraham and Dr. Dane Barrett / ENT Facial Plastics Cleft team

April 24 – May 3 – Ica, Peru / Dr. Evan Ransom and Dr. Joseph Rousso / Facial Plastics Cleft Lip and Palate team
October 16 – 24 – Riobamba, Ecuador / Dr. Gregory Keiser / Dental Team
May 16-22-Santa Marta, Colombia / Dr. Mark Foglietti / Burn Team


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