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Our Programs

Our Programs

Healing The Children Northeast provides medical and dental services to children throughout the world who lack medical and financial resources. Sixteen chapters are located across the United States and work together to provide services to children, both domestically and abroad. Healing the Children Northeast is a Connecticut based non-profit organization founded in 1985. At the end of 2017 our Northeast Chapter has provided services to 53,332 children through our three programs.

Medical Teams Abroad Program

The Medical Teams Abroad Program reaches across national boundaries to provide our world’s children with desperately needed medical care. We arrange teams of volunteer doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other medical professionals to go to less developed countries where they provide medical treatments and surgeries for children in need. Our trips have been to India, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru, Thailand, Bolivia, Honduras, and Brazil to name a few.  In 2017 we provided services to 1,898 children.  From it’s inception in 1985 to the end of 2017 this program alone has provided services to 50,984 children and young adults.

During 2017 our Medical Teams Abroad Program sent out 15 teams to India, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala and Peru.  These specialties were burn, cleft, microtia, speech and dental teams.  191 team members traveled with us this year and 88 or them were new members.

2017 – breakdown of children treated by specialty:

Burn – 73

Cleft/Microtia – 660

Speech – 337

Dental – 828

The services provided by these teams for their donated services have been valued at $4,076,486.00 and the amount of donated supplies taken on these trips were valued at $454,388.14

Examples of what we provide: Facial Plastics/Maxillofacial surgery, cleft lip and palate/microtia (ear), Speech Pathology, Burn and hand reconstruction, dental services such as extractions, minor oral surgery, filings, hygiene and education.

Our Cleft Teams treat cleft lip and palate deformities which are two types of birth defects that occur during the early stages of pregnancy.  When the nose, lip, palate and jaw are supposed to fuse but fail to do so, results in a deformity known as a cleft lip or palate. The cleft lip is a gap in between the nose and mouth, while the cleft palate is a huge fissure on the roof of the mouth. This deformity can make eating, drinking, speaking and in some cases breathing difficult.

Millions of children where we travel go untreated and live in isolation. Cleft surgery is simple and the results are life altering.

Did you know that a cleft lip/palate surgery for one child costs $250.00.
Disposable supplies cost as little as $10.00 per surgery
Surgical Blades cost as little as $25.00 per surgery
Sutures cost as little as $50.00 per surgery
Instruments cost as little as $100.00 per surgery

*For as little as $20.83 per month you could support one child’s cleft repair.

International Inbound Program

The International Inbound Program brings children from developing countries to the United States where we match the needs of the child with a volunteer doctor and/or hospital with that specialty. We arrange for travel to the U.S., as well as visas for the child and parent. A volunteer host family is found who will open their home for the child and parent while the child is receiving medical treatment in the U.S.

In 2017 our International Inbound Program brought in two children, one from Mexico and one from Belize.

Domestic Kids Program

The Domestic Kids Program provides medical treatment and assistance to children in our local communities who are unable to get these services due to a lack of financial resources. We have arranged for children to receive services such as dental, eye care and glasses, hearing screening and hearing aids, medical, and surgical care, medical equipment/ apparatus, prescription medications, physical therapy, speech therapy, etc.

In 2017 our Domestic Kids Program helped 5 local New Milford children.  2 of these children were financial hardships and we were able to help 3 cover the costs for school enrollment physicals.

As part of our Domestic Kids Program,
we are helping Michael with badly needed medical supplies.  

We recently received this note of gratitude from Michael’s mother:


 I really want to thank you all so very much. I didnt expect this much at all.
It has me teary eyed to know that there are places like this. I called so many place without luck.
Me and Michael thank you from our hearts.  I hope one day we can repay and/or pay it forward.

God bless u all, 
Edith and Michael 

Healing the Children Northeast relies heavily on donations to help children. For every $1.00 donated to our organization, we are able to provide more than $27.00 worth of donated medical care. The need is great and each day, more and more parents turn to us to help their children, around the corner and around the world, one child at a time.


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