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Sponsor a Trip

All of our teams pay for their own trips, including transportation.  You can help to sponsor a trip or make a donation to pay for a part of a medical mission trip.  Below is a breakdown of expenses associated with a typical trip abroad.

These costs reflect the most recent trip taken to Ica, Peru in 2018.
Transportation to airport in US and return $30,000.00
Transportation Lima-Ica-Lima $1,300.00
Transportation for supply truck Lima - Ica $300.00
Taxis daily in Peru for the week 574.00
Purchase of narcotics in Ica $250.00
Hotel $6,170.00
Meals $2,800.00
Arrival breakfast 880.00
Misc - tips $96.00
Permit fees / College of Nursing $250.00
Fed x of legal documents $219.77
Total Cost to send team to Peru: $42,839.77

# of children screened 125
# of children operated on 77
# of procedures done 77
In-Kind donated medical services provided $1,856,000.00
In-Kind donated medical supplies $35,375.00
Speech Services provided by Speech Team to 81 patients $22,680.00
Total In-Kind donated services and supplies: $1,914,055.00

If you would like to donate, please click here.  

You may set the donation amount and add comments on where you would like your donation to be applied.



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