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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Healing the Children founded?

The national Healing the Children organization was founded in 1979. Our Northeast Chapter was established in 1985 and we are the largest of 16 chapters nationwide.

What is Healing the Children Northeast’s legal status?

Healing the Children Northeast, Inc. is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

How are you funded?

Primarily through private donations, a few grants and travel membership fees from our traveling team members.  The majority of our Medical Teams program are self-funded.

What percentage of my donation is applied directly towards services for the children?

93 cents of every dollar donated is applied directly towards services for children. Our program overhead accounts for 7 cents of each dollar donated. When specifically requested, 100% of your donation will be applied directly to services.

What is your annual operating budget?

Our annual budget is approximately $200,000.

How are children referred to your program?

Medical Teams Aboard works directly with our international partners in other countries, in order to receive referrals for a child. Our International Inbound program receives referrals from family members living in the United States, direct requests though our website, as well as referrals from Medical Teams Aboard. The Domestic Kids Program accepts referrals from schools, hospitals, social service agencies as well as word of mouth.

What kind of cases do you accept?

We accept primarily surgical treatment type cases that cannot be done in their country and who may be high risk. Healing the Children Northeast, Inc. is guided by our national standard operating procedures in the process. In order to accept an international child’s case for treatment, an assessment of the child’s condition must conclude that the services provided will demonstrate an improvement in the child’s quality of life and that appropriate follow up care is available upon child’s return to their native country.

How can I volunteer my time or give support to Healing the Children, Northeast, Inc?

You may contact us at any time via telephone or e-mail. We are open Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm. We have many different types of volunteer and financial contribution opportunities. Take a look at other ways you can help.