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Ukraine Medical Trip

Medical Trips Abroad News Update – Ukraine:

We would like to welcome our medical team home from Ivano Frankivsk Ukraine!  

We kept the dates secret until our team was safely back home here in the United States. The team traveled to Ukraine September 14 – 24, 2022.  We are so grateful to our wonderful team members for their brave journey into Ukraine to treat the victims of war torn Ukraine. They were able to treat 34 patients.

This was a trip like no other! 

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Many thanks to Dr. Manoj Abraham for leading our team, as well as the other humanitarian organizations involved in this successful mission, FACE to FACE, and Razom.  We also would like to thank Healing the Children Northeast members Dr. Augustine Moscatello, Dr. Glenn Castaneda, Debbie Fritz, RN and Susan Ketigian, RN for their dedication and involvement to make this mission possible.

Our Team arriving at the hospital


Welcome home Team!

Click for an interview with Dr. Abraham, Team Leader