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Donations for School Supplies

The pandemic has affected the lives of kids at home and abroad.  When it became necessary for schools to teach remotely and children needed learn from home, it became even more clear that not all students have the same opportunities.  Children in disadvantaged areas were often left behind, widening the gap between those who have more and those who have less.  Many kids lacked the basic school supplies needed to learn from home.

HTCNE was willing to step up and help out.  By making a generous donation of $3000, full sets of basic school supplies were provided to 300 pre-K to third grade students in some of our most disadvantaged schools.  There is no doubt that this will help those 300 kids learn and enjoy school and help their teachers do their incredible valuable job-helping the children, especially the children who need our help the most.  

This is the mission of HTCNE.