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Here is a description of Edy story/life written by the Rotarian:

On the 16th of January 2020, whilst visiting Chambacu, a place where many of the “Forgotten Children,” of Cartagena gather together, a heartbreaking scene, these forgotten souls of the society in which we live, I met Edy Manuel, a little 4 year old Venezuelan boy, who was walking by, holding his father’s hand.

I was deeply touched by Edy, because he had a deformity of his lip, nose and palate. His father, a Venezuelan farmer, had arrived in Colombia a year earlier, looking for a better future for them both. He spent his days trying to make enough money for food and visiting different clinics to see if they could help his son.

I immediately contacted a friend who was volunteering for Club Rotario Cartagena Caribe’s program, “Volver a Sonreír,”  a partnership with Healing the Children Northeast, and Edy was successfully operated on Saturday the 8th of February, in their 22nd Campaign, which they have been doing since 1996.

If I could only describe the feeling when Dr. William Austen (Jay) walked in with the small boy in his arms and handed him over to his father (Manuel). The pained look on Manuel’s face had completely disappeared. Thanks to the extraordinary team of doctors, donors and volunteers that made this miracle possible. Starting from that day, Edy is undergoing a process to regain his basic human rights.