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Our First Days in India, 2018

A quote from Debbie Fritz, one of our wonderful OR Nurses, on her second team for India to Jaipur and Mumbai. Debbie is also our Board Vice President:  

“Heck, not even a cataclysmic Bomb Cyclone could stop the determined 26-person team from making their way to India to undertake Healing the Children Northeast’s fourth surgical mission in that country, with stops in Ujjain and Indore. Led by Dr. Manoj T. Abraham of Poughkeepsie, NY and joined by Dr. Regina Rodman of Houston, TX; Dr. Ryan Winters of New Orleans, LA; and Dr. Matthew Johnson of Springfield, IL along with a host of team members, including: anesthesiologists; nurses; Speech Language pathologists; pediatricians; surgical technicians; and an administrator (listed below) the team FINALLY (much to their weary relief!!) arrived to their first destination after a 16-hour flight delay departing JFK and a 13-bus ride to Ujjain (planes, trains, and automobiles!!) The team quickly got to work at the R. D. Gardi Medical College (R D Gardi Medical College , Ujjain ) in Ujjain to change the lives of six patients on the first day and is set to complete up to eight cases on the 2nd day of the mission.

The team departs for Indore later this afternoon to begin work at the Unique Specialty Hospital in Indore.

Stay tuned for more updates from this mission! And, let’s hope for no more funky weather for the teams departing San Francisco and again from New York on Friday, January 13 and Saturday, January 14 for Part II of HTCNE’s India Surgical Missions 2018. This team will work in Jaipur and in Mumbai.

Nader Adeeb, Team Administrator; Dr. Shari Berkowitz, SLP; Dr. Helen Buhler, SLP; Antonietta Calento, RN; Peter Campbell, RN; Dr Sree Chirumamilla, Pediatric Intensivist; Tara Clinton, SLP Student; Dr. Jeffrey Cranford, ENT; Lily Fogarty, RN; Aarti Garg, SLP; Patty Gremillion, RN; Kristie James, RN; Susan Ketigian, RN; Elizabeth Nelson, RN; Jessica Schnebly, RN; Amy Smith, RN; Robin Steele, RN; Destiny Thompson, CST; Vinh Tran, CAA; Dr. Alan Weissburg, Anesthesiologist; Kelly Winchell, RN”

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