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Another Successful Trip to Colombia

November 16th 2016

Dr. Jacono and his team recently returned from their mission in Santa Marta, Colombia. They performed 70 plastic surgery procedures to reconstruct children born with facial deformities including cleft lip, cleft palate, microtia, and vascular birthmarks. We are so grateful to our dedicated Teams who make such a difference in the lives of these children and their families. Please visit Dr. Jacono's Facebook page for some great photos and more information regarding their trip to Santa Marta.

Our November Newsletter

November 8th 2016

Our November Newsletter is now available. Please take a look and learn more about the wonderful work that Healing The Children Northeast does. We are most grateful to our volunteers and all of you who support us.

Donation from Old Bridge Drugs and Surgical, New Jersey

November 1st 2016

Many thanks to Dr. Jairo (Eddie) Castillo for obtaining a generous donation of pediatric pain medications for our trips from Old Bridge Drugs and Surgicals in New Jersey!

Federal civilian, Postal and Military Donors can help us through this Season's Combined Federal Campaign

November 1st 2016

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with almost 200 CFC campaigns throughout the country and overseas. Each year this campaign raises millions of dollars through pledges made by Federal civilian, Postal and Military donors. This year's campaign (September 1 - December 15) supports eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world. For more information please click here.

Thank you to Henry Schein of the Henry Schein Cares Foundation

November 1st 2016

Thank you to our Board President Bob Ryan and Debbie Fritz, our Treasurer, for obtaining a very generous donation from the Henry Schein Cares Foundation. Bob and Debbie were able to get a HUGE shipment of disposable supplies for our medical trips abroad. The value of this donation was $10,000.00. We are most grateful to all those who help and support Healing the Children Northeast!

Kicking for Miracles was a Great Success!

November 1st 2016

Our Kicking for Miracles Charity on October 22, 2016 event was a great success! Several of our Board members attended: Bob Ryan - President, Debbie Fritz - Treasurer, and Steve Nargiso. We are also grateful to Syma Aunt and Dave Fritz for attending. Bob participated in the 'Breaking a Board' event and yes, he broke the board! Kudos to Debbie who kicked 137 times in one minute! Check back for pics and more information!

Thank You to Master Hong's Taekwondo Academy

November 1st 2016

Healing the Children Northeast is very blessed to have been adopted by Master Hong's Taekwondo Academy for the past several years. As a non-profit, it is wonderful to be supported by your community. Master Hong's Kicking for Miracles was such a fun, high-energy event and as a first time attendee, amazing to observe. It was so impressive to see the children showing their kicking skills and their stamina. When the Masters demonstrated their skills, it left you cheering for more! The event was run like a well-oiled maching and so well organized. It was really nice to see so mnay people of all ages having fun and enjoying themselves. Thank you to Walnut Hill Community Church for providing the perfect venue for the event. Master Hong deserves a huge congratulations and thank you for organizing such a wonderful event and for promoting social responsibility in his community.

Remember us when you shop on Amazon

November 1st 2016

Do you shop on Amazon? If so, won't you please help us? Simply log onto (instead of You will then have the option to select a public charity - please choose Healing The Children Northeast. It is completely free for you and you will be able to shop as you do on Amazon. For every purchase Healing the Children Northeast receives a small percentage from your purchase. It costs you nothing and it helps us to Heal a Child. Please consider this when shopping on Amazon.

Donation from Vikon Surgical, LLC

October 18th 2016

Thank you to Vikon Surgical for their very generous donation of 4 headlights, batteries, power pack, charging stations and hand carrying cases valued at $28,508.00 for our trips!

Thank You Debbie Fritz

October 18th 2016

Thank you to our valued team member, Debbie Fritz who recently obtained a very generous donation of 4 headlights, batteries, belt power packs, changing stations, and hard carrying cases to be used on our trips from Vikon Surgical, LLC valued at $28,508.00.


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