Our Mission
Healing The Children Northeast provides medical and dental services to children throughout the world who lack medical and financial resources....
Our Organization
Healing the Children Northeast is a Connecticut based non-profit organization founded in 1985 and has provided treatment to more than 33,000 children around the world. 93% of all monetary donations go directly to these services....

Healing the Children Northeast, Inc.

Is 501(c)(3), non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization. Our purpose is to help children throughout the world receive medical care unavailable to them due to a lack of medical and financial resources or health insurance. 93% of all monetary donations go directly to these services. To date, 42,770 patients have been helped through our efforts. As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to providing donated medical care to children in need around the corner and around the world.

Call: (860) 355-1828

Fax: (860) 350-6634

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Healing The Children Northeast, located in New Milford, Connecticut, is committed to arranging free surgical, dental and medical treatment for children in need. Children are provided services through three programs:

  • Medical Teams Abroad Program
  • Learn MoreInternational Inbound Program
  • Domestic Kids Program

Donate Now

Your general donation in any amount helps Healing the Children Northeast continue our efforts to arrange free medical services to children in need.  


Upcoming Trips

2015 Medical Trip to Santa Marta Colombia - Edds Team

Santa Marta, Colombia
September 19th 2015 to September 26th 2015

Team led by Dr. Gerald Edds. 
This will be Dr. Edds 5th mission to Santa Marta and his 4th leading a team to this site.  

2015 Medical Trip to Lima Peru - Brown Team

Lima Peru
October 17th 2015 to October 24th 2015

This will be Dr. Ryan Browns 3rd Lima Peru trip as Team Leader.

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